WELCOME, to the Official Home of "KILLING PAIN"

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This NEW Site is Still Under Construction! Great things are to come! Keep checking back for More Updates! I am Always Glad to Hear from YOU!
 To All My Many Fans and Friends, both Old and New, I am Eternally Grateful for Your Loyalty, Your Enthusiasm, and Your Continuing Interest as I take each New and Exciting Step in the Relentless Pursuit of Musical Excellence and World-Wide Rockage!

Killing Pain is the Creative Manifestation of
Writer, Producer, and Guitarist - Sin Wildman 
The music, the product of Inspired Imagination
Echoes with a Power reminiscent of
the Golden Age of Rock!
merges Elements of
Classic Rock and
Heavy Metal,
with a touch of Progressive Excitement...


Check Out some of the RAW PRE-PRODUCTION "Demoz" The Official "KILLING PAIN" @ MYSPACE... ~ All the Sample "Demoz", that are available to listen to are RAW, and UNCUT! Samples of what is in the works! Basically, they are Rough Drafts! Any Imperfections, have been left Untouched! Most of the material was Improvised, and in the Moment! ...KEEPIN' IT REAL! ~


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